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My most interesting topic was absolutely tourism. It was the topic I enjoyed and caught my attention. One may ask what is tourism? Well tourism is any activity that involves the movement of people away from their homes to other places of interest for leisure, pleasure or studies. The commonly visited areas as such are wild life conservation areas, historical sites, museums and beaches, just to mention a few.

What made me interested in this topic?

First and foremost, the spirit of adventure: I have always loved traveling and wished I could have gone to all honeypots around the globe. This could boost my understanding and awareness of the other areas beyond where I stay and find out how tourism has affected different areas all around the world.

But again, the attraction to this topic is my geographical location. Arusha is famously termed as the Geneva of Africa. It’s because it’s blessed with an abundant amount of tourist potentials ranging from wildlife, historical sites and the culture of dwellers. When you talk of Ngorongoro, Olduvai Gorge, Mt Meru and the flamboyant never-dying diverse culture of the Maasai people, you talk of Arusha.

Moreover, its contribution to my community: considering this part of the topic, I saw many people are directly employed into this sector either as officials, tour guides, porters, game wardens, just to mention a few. This helps alleviate poverty in the community. The sector currently generates about 17.5% of the country’s GDP and nearly 25% of the total export earnings.

The most crucial part is how I use the knowledge I have obtained in class to help the society. My little contribution is basically on these three ways:

Initially, educating the society on opportunities in this sector: this will help curb the problem of unemployment which is a global problem. Many Tanzanians can earn their living under this umbrella.

Secondly, waging war against poaching. Poaching is the illegal hunting of animals. Poaching of the African elephant is a serious issue in Tanzania. Spreading my knowledge on the effects of this act to other people, participating in movements like ‘The Elephant Walk’ and many others will eliminate this problem.

Lastly, creating awareness based on the need of protecting the natural environment: I wish in the near future to be part of the tourism and environment sector in Tanzania and fight against all hindrances deteriorating tourism.

It is estimated that more than 750000 tourists are expected to arrive this year, bringing about 950 million USD. Tanzania is blessed with lots of endeavors. Tourism can lift the this nation's economy. It's clear and transparent plans are laid down and the revenue obtained are well utilized. In doing so, Tanzania will make a big step ahead.

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