Trash dumped in some areas of Kitwe - Climate Mapping

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From an anti-hill to a trench and finally a man made hill of garbage.

Waste disposal is of the major environmental problems that many residents of Kitwe go through, And only a few of the residents know how to manage their waste/garbage.

For the past 2 years people of this township have been dumping their garage at this site illegally the images will show the exact location of this dump site in Ipusukilo Township in Kitwe, before this place become a dumping site it was an anti-hill, this anti-hill was demolished because people were making building blocks from this anti-hill.

Upon completion of these building blocks this trench went deep approximately 5 to 10 meters. Now the other problem was that some of the resident from township just across the road started throwing away their garbage in this trench.

This dump site has raised some concern from the residents nearby, some people talked about the impact these actions bring to the community, the environment and issues to do with waste management and the fight against climate change. One of the residents complained that even the Local Authority the City Council cannot take serious measures to prevent this action from the nearby residents.

This problem however shows that sensitization is needed to these kinds of communities so that people are aware of the dangers, impacts that waste disposal has to the environment.

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