Under Siege

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3 years of conflict in Syria. UNICEF has just released their report, 'Under Siege- the devastating impact on children of three years of conflict in Syria.'

“Under Siege” is a call on the global community to undertake 6 crucial steps:

End the cycle of violence in Syria NOW

Grant immediate access to the under-reached 1 million children inside Syria

Create an environment where children are protected from explotiation and harm

Invest in children's education

Help children's inner healing through psychological care

Provide support to host communities and governments to mitigate the social economic impact of the conflict on families

Feel free to browse, read, and comment on the report. If you have any comments, you can add to the discussion here or start a new post with the tag #nolostgeneration. We welcome your thoughts and let's take these critical steps as a global community: http://uni.cf/Syria3Y

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