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It’s been a long time since I wrote something. Not that I have not been writing, because that’s something I can’t stop doing, it serves as therapy to me. But yes, I definitely have been out of writing materials to publish or post. The reason for this has been a long tough phase in my life which I would say I haven’t been able to withstand quite well.

It’s been a long while since I experienced optimism about my life, career, and love. Everything has been either at a standstill or on a downhill roll and hence, the reason for my absence from all social media platforms. I have not yet been able to figure out what is happening around me. But in the whole process of it, a few questions have arisen.

I’m sure during times of happiness we do not question things around us and in our lives, but once we stop getting what we want or deserve, we start seeking answers to questions our mind never even thought of. That is probably what an uncertain and chaotic phase in your life does to you. It either destroys you or awakens the intellectual side in you.

Will I ever be able to figure out what’s happening around me? Is that what we humans are supposed to do? Questions about our existence and the purpose of our lives were raised in texts as well as religious scriptures thousands of years ago, but the real question that still exists is: how to survive without being able to get affected by what’s happening around you?

How do we find peace in what’s happening around us?

How do we make peace with the uncertainties in life?

How do we believe that despite our efforts what’s happening around us is in our best interest?

And how do we come to revere the gift of this life more than any other thing in this world?

Shouldn’t the feeling of being alive be more than enough to make you feel full of gratitude? Shouldn’t your loved ones being by your side just make you feel content and happy? But then why do we measure ourselves and our capabilities by what the world says? Why do we take the efforts to answer the questions people throw at us? Does that really matter? Is success something what people have defined for us, or is it what makes us feel worthy of living this life?

Being surrounded by pessimism and envy, I had learnt the power of acknowledging and nurturing my thoughts. And my thoughts made for not only peace inside me but peace around me as well. But sometimes hard situations end up making you feel lost and lonely and you begin to lose control over your thoughts. You start to question the people around you, and the things they demand from you. You start to question whether all your relationships are worth the effort. When should you not give up and when should you let go? When should you be emotional and when to lose all feelings and stop yourself from getting destroyed? I had read somewhere, “you can’t protect your heart by pretending not to have one”. But when does one decide the right time for all these actions? What situations can make your coldness answerable and what situations can show your worth by not giving up?

It’s confusing, to think and even to write. But then what is life if it not confusing, if it not uncertain, and if it doesn’t make you question your existence? What are we humans living for? Are we trying to attain enlightenment and turn into our higher selves, or are we trying to lose this precious life to return to our basic instincts?

What is life all about? What is hatred for? What is destruction for? What is religion for? Why are we bound by society when we should be guarded by it? Why can’t we live on our terms? Why is it so hard to accept individuality; in thoughts as well as in actions? Is acceptance that hard? Is change that difficult? Is Karma to be blamed, or Destiny?

These are some quintessential questions that form the basics of a human being’s life. I feel we can sort out our lives by just understanding these fundamentals. I want you all to think about these and leave comments on your versions of these questions and what you think would be the suitable answers for them. And then the next few blogs will be a version of my answers to all these questions. And since everyone’s life is different, the versions also have to be different. That is what Unity in Diversity is. Different answers to the same questions is what unites us all as humans.

Let’s begin to heal our lives and break free a few chains!

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