UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Event in New York City


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Katy Perry and Anthony Lake

Katy Perry and Anthony Lake

UNICEF is a very important organization that tries to provide protection for children. It also provides them with the things they need in order to survive and have better lives. In order to support children and make their lives better, volunteers from all over the world travel to countries where children live in bad conditions and try to make a difference and help. Some of those volunteers are the Goodwill Ambassadors who are not just famous people, but they are also people who are dedicated and willing to help children around the world. I was fortunate to participate in the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador event in New York on December 3rd because I had the opportunity to hear Katy Perry talking about her great experience in Madagascar. I also had a great opportunity to hear Anthony Lake talking about what UNICEF does to help children around the world. I believe that the newest Goodwill Ambassador, Katy Perry, will be able to make a huge difference, raise awareness and help those children who are struggling around the world for so many reasons. For example, she is very popular and she has many fans who support her, which can help her raise awareness. Also, she is very enthusiastic, hard working and ardent. I believe that UNICEF is a huge organization that actually improves the lives of many children around the world every single day and can make a big difference in our world. Choosing Katy Perry as the new Goodwill Ambassador is a great step that will help UNICEF’s work for children to move forward. I am grateful! It was such a pleasure to meet Katy Perry and Anthony Lake and learn more about UNICEF and how it is helping children around the world and making their lives better. What a great experience!

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