Unnoticed Neighbors

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Today, almost every corner of the planet is home to someone. Wherever you go to live, most probably you'll see that you have some neighbors. It is an interesting aspect of neighborhood that there can be various types of neighbors which may leave a unique impression on our thoughts and life.

Each of us has got their unique experiences with our neighbors. However, today I would like to mention some neighbors who mostly go unnoticed. In fact they prefer to stay unnoticed.

A few days ago I noticed an openly declared turf war between the squirrels and pigeons in my neighborhood. It might seem crazy, but watching them act like "Tom and Jerry" episodes keeps me amused these days and helps me relax from worldly burdens.

While observing their playful attacks I have noticed that they are much more sophisticated warriors compared to some humans who don't even hesitate to blow their enemies into pieces. They only poke each other in the daylight. Nobody gets hurt as both parties are well equipped to counter each other. Whereas the squirrels are agile and clever, the naive pigeons have got wings and sharp beaks. Even though the squirrels are always on attack, doves beautifully defend their homes against the attacks of the rodents. I don't know whether they will ever sign a peace pact, but their cute skirmishes will keep me entertained as long as I live here.

There are a lot of plants, weeds, birds, animals and of course the people who are our neighbors - but they go unnoticed because we don't have the time to look around and interact with them.

It’s true that modern lifestyle has made us self-centered and our major source of information and entertainment are the social, print and electronic media. But I would implore you all to come out and feel the real world around you.

What do you think about going out for fresh air tomorrow morning? There will be a lot of cute birds sitting on the trees, lamp posts and power cables - waiting to be seen - ready to flutter their beautiful wings and sing for you.

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