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After hearing about the Global Goals in 2015 by Hank Green, I was determined to help them become accomplished anyway possible. I decided that the best way to help accomplish those goals was to have a town hall meeting. It is very important to me that people become aware of these goals because they are imperative to the growth and development of our world. During these meeting, I learned a lot about the ideas that Valparaiso (Indiana) citizens had about the goals and how they want to accomplish them. Here are a few ides:

1. It is our responsibility, as citizens, to help accomplish the goals. It was said during the meeting that while the government can and should help, the citizens need to be the pilot for change. They need to take charge and tell the government what they want done and how they want it to be done.

2. To accomplish goals 2 and 8 (No Hunger and Good Jobs and Economic Growth), we must not only give the homeless food to eat and a place to sleep, but we must also give them education and training so that they are able to get a job and make a living. To do this, the idea is that we need business to partner with homeless shelters to create education programs that would help them get into the workforce.

3. Along with the previous idea, to help accomplish goal 2 (No Hunger) restaurants in the area could have specific times where they round up their pricing on food and then donate the extra money to the programs that would be set up to help the homeless in our community.

4. The last of the larger ideas was the idea that downtown Valparaiso can go green. With talks of building a canal, the idea is that the city could use it to use hydro-power, along with building solar panels for solar power. Valparaiso does try very hard to conserve energy, however, the idea is to make it 100% green.

All in all, the Valparaiso Global Goals Meeting was extremely successful, we came together to help pitch ideas on how to accomplish any of the Global Goals that we could. My hope is that not only did it help educate others on the Goals but also inspired them to make small changes in their lives to help accomplish them as well.

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