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Your name: Anton Savidi

Your age: 21

Where are you originally from and where do you currently live?

I’m from Ternopil, Ukraine and still living there in the city of Lviv.

What is you educational background?

Master of International relations Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

How important was your choice of degree/field of study at university for what you’re doing now?

My choice helps me doing what I am currently working at, but it wasn’t essential.

What projects are you proud of mostly?

My participation of organizing the students protests during Euromaidan and International Week Lviv 2013

Tell us more about the projects:

1) I was one of organizers and coordinators of protests and activities of students in Kyiv and Lviv in late 2013 during Euromaidan that led to Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity in February 2014.

2) The International Week project was held in 24 countries and I was organizer of Ukrainian part. Students from all over the world gather in Ukraine for a week to get to know better its culture, traditions, history, to learn about its modern economic and business perspectives, integrate with each other and locals and have some fun. It included formal and informal activities like lectures, company visits, tours around the country, international dinners etc.

What encouraged you to realize all this?

Making the world a better place to live and to break borders between countries; to give a chance to Ukraine to reform and become better state for its citizens; getting to know new people and learn something new and of course these projects give me great life and work experience.

What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome to get to your current position?

You always need to know how to communicate with people successfully and work in team.

Is there a famous person who inspire you?

Actually I can’t say I have an idol. There are of course life stories that inspired me but I don’t have any famous portraits hanging on the wall of my room.

What are the top three things someone needs to achieve success in life?

Self-confidence, strong belief in what are you doing, and perseverance.

Some words to youth out there: what advice can you give them when chasing their dream position?

Do what you believe in, no matter what people around you think about it. If it comes from the heart and with love it will be always successful.

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