Voices of Youth-We Want Your Designs!

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Voices of Youth- We Want Your Designs!

What does anti-bullying look like to you?

As part of the #ENDviolence campaign, we need your help to raise awareness among young people about bullying and how youth can work to end it. #ENDviolence is a global campaign to raise awareness about violence against children. More #ENDviolence details here: http://www.unicef.org/endviolence/index.html

Call To Youth Innovators:

Voices of Youth will focus on the question of anti-bullying in the second half of November, in a Special Featured Section. We need your help to create an innovative drawing or design that will catch everyone's attention to illustrate this Featured Section.

Practical Details

Drawing Specifications: 30 cm X 12 cm (11.811 in X 4.72441 in)

Computer Specifications: 940 Pixels X 362 Pixels

The design must be in rectangular format

Be Creative:

Use any type of multimedia: Photos, Colors, Characters, Shapes, Fonts, Words, and/or mix them together.

This is your design, express yourself!

Submissions and Winners!

Please submit your VOY anti-bullying design to julie@voicesofyouth.org by Monday, 11 November 2013. Youth up 25 years of age should submit your designs to Voices of Youth.

Winner: Not only will you see your creation prominently posted on Voices of Youth for a duration of 2 weeks, you will also receive a special #ENDviolence pack. In your email, please provide your full name, country, and mailing address so we can mail your gift.

So get creative, get innovative, and show us what anti-bullying means to you!

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