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Businesses today can be seen as the epitome into which a society relies on for growth and development. Be it corporate, sole proprietorship, partnerships and even mergers; the role the business plays in an economy cannot be under estimated. Children and the youth make the highest percentage of the population and especially in third world countries. Someone may ask ‘what has this to do with business?’ The weight that is given to businesses when it comes to making of profits, should be in equal measure be given to the voice of children and the youth in business. Sadly, this has not been the case. Businesses have been known to be matters of adults, what we forget is that the younger generation is made up of brilliant minds. These minds if given the chance could bring turnovers to the most successful to the least successful businesses in terms of profit.

Children and the youth have been always referred to as the leaders of tomorrow. This has been the notion from time immemorial. But has anyone ever cared to give these leaders of tomorrow the chance to do it today? I believe in the business world as it is today, children and the youth can play a vital role if only they are given the chance to.

Business as a term involves a lot; this is from agricultural produce, industrialization and manufacturing. Businesses have been known to at times contribute to changes in the climate through pollution, improper disposal of waste thus leading to an ugly environment. This directly affects children; at times business are known to grab land illegally for their set up. This has lead to children lacking playgrounds for the extracurricular activities. How do we expect our children to grow if we deny them their only rights? This cannot help bring up an upright society. Children and the youth should therefore be allowed to voice such injustices without intimidation. Businesses should involve the society up to this level, and then there would be no point of conflict.

Businesses should also be in a position to empower the youth and the children through social sites like facebook, twitter, blogs, websites and many other forums; businesses have an obligation to reach out to them. I believe that they can empower this generation with information, career advice to make informed choices, job shadows and internships. They do not have to necessarily pay their interns, experience is more than valuable. This can easily apply when the youth especially those in colleges are on holiday. Businesses should also offer standard goods that satisfy the needs of their clients and consumer friendly in terms of how much depending on the consumer power.

In a few years, businesses could help children and the youth to come up with employment and not seek it. If I were a business leader, I would allow children and the youth to voice out their concerns, there is no greater defense than that of the voice.




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