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The truth is that every time the number of volunteers from around the world has increased it is a sign that people are increasingly concerned about the future of others.

The volunteers want to leave a mark in the hope of a society with more values​​. And to these people I owe a huge respect.

I dream of doing volunteer work in Africa.

And contrary to what some people think (that the world is getting worse and people are not so fond) I see that there are more activities and volunteer opportunities to help others.

Many congratulations to all those who contribute to the manifestation of what a person has to offer. And I also recognize the efforts of those who do so not even leaving their country, help a neighbor, a homeless person, create institutions, making fund-monetary funds.

Congratulations volunteers around the world !!

Do you think the world is involved in projects of solidarity? More people open their hearts to help others?

* Respecting the fact that I do not know how to write very well, thank you for spending your time reading this article.

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