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Youth and children have the power of decision.

Youth and children have the power of decision.

We live in a globalized planet, a whole of societies in which, at the same time that planet progresses technologically, a powerful interrelation is developed due to several factors. However, one of them allows advancement in all levels of life, from local to global: the business. As much microeconomics as macroeconomics transcended beyond it: they arrived to us and are intrinsic in lifestyle.

Businesses should reinforce our personality, because they motivate us to personal self-actualization, effort and obtaining of achievements, successful by means of cooperation (such Walt Disney’ films). A business needs group’s aids and support, whose values must be understanding and patience, because without them, it will never be stable. Thus, businesses encourage community sense, and they should reject any form of individualism (despite rivalry). So, since children, human beings would embrace helpful actions and their efficiency at personal and academic levels would be larger (they would understand duty of helping at home).

Nevertheless, I consider that, even though a lot of businesses get to instil these values in society, children and youth don’t become aware of them. At streets or on social medias, businesses’ advertising has a competitive meaning, and social categorizations sometimes influence in recipients (specially in malleable children): some values aren’t suitable because actors show negative symbols: in housework, women and children appear... In view of them, they assimilate what female and masculine are, and a set of values with inequality, unconsciously.

For this reason, I think that businesses need to act with children and youth to get a community meaning and social meaning (businesses which participate with NGOs), because they transmit those feelings to children. Even so, in an economic meaning, I believe that children are attacked by countless advertisings of businesses which promote superficiality and materialism.

So, youth and children must be important in businesses because, despite businesses’ status, all will have to act around the same core idea: the role of expansion of knowledges, symbols and values which emphasises with universal features and human rights of anyone around the world to receive positive messages, in order to businesses can be instigator of kindness, efficiency, progress, loyalty and equality, thanks to these people.

They must be leaders because, to make a better place, they can eliminate differences in products according to gender, skin color, social class and education, selling them with appropriate prices to be accessible around the world.

In conclusion, I consider that children and youth must have a voice in business because we are the new generation, the social actors of the future, and we are key in businesses because we know our needs and injustices in social reality. So, we must have this voice because we are means to have a clear awareness about global differences due to gender, education, race and resources, and are representatives of consumers in order to know their wishes, worries and values through interviews, encouraging human rights in businesses and, consequently, in the Earth.

Written by: Raquel, 18. Spain.

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