We Can't Eat Without Our Web

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“Have you ever noticed that if you tear down a spider’s web without killing the spider, it’ll always remake the web? Why do you think that’s so?” My uncle gave me a toothy grin as I found myself unable to answer the question. I was never interested in Biology, so I didn’t even really think about it.

I shook my head.

“Because they can’t eat without their web. They don’t have a choice. If you break down their web a thousand times, they’ll rebuild it every time because it’s their only option to stay alive.”

To tell you the truth, I don’t remember much of anything else that he said in that conversation. Yet, the striking example of the spider stuck with me. They can’t eat without their web.

Ever since the start of 2016, I’ve been even more determined to make my dreams a reality. I will become a force for change. I want to help young women realize the power that lays dormant within them, a power that can change their lives.

So, it was mind-blowing for me to hear him say this. At the threshold of a new beginning (I recently turned eighteen, and it’s barely three months into the year) I unexpectedly get this invaluable advice. It affected me so deeply. Here’s why:

- The spider is wired to stay alive. In some respects, its “purpose” in life is linked to his web. Therefore, he can’t afford to have it torn down. He’d die from starvation and ultimately not achieve his purpose. I can’t afford for my life to go like that. Neither can you. We should all see our dreams as our only way to “eat.”

- The spider’s web is always going to be torn down. If even once. People will tear it down deliberately, or it might be damaged or destroyed because of natural circumstances. Just like the spider, we’re all going to face challenges, obstacles and naysayers who can dampen our dreams or sidetrack us on the road to success.

- Despite the fact that its only way to eat just got destroyed – including all the hard work that it put into building it – the spider doesn’t waste time feeling sorry for itself or mourning the loss of its web. Instead, it gets right to building it again, without wasting any time. The spider knows how much hinges on recreating its web. In the same way, we shouldn’t allow ourselves to feel like losers. We should jump from failure to failure without any loss of enthusiasm, because we know success is right around the corner.

Reflecting on all of this really underscores the fact for me that so much can be learned from just observing our surroundings. I’ll never forget this example, and you shouldn’t either. In some respects, I think of it as a sign. My uncle and I weren’t even talking about spiders to begin with – yet he managed to give me some advice that has changed my life.

Your dream should be like a spider’s web. No matter how many times somebody tears it down and tells you it won’t work, rebuild it. A spider can’t eat without its web, and you’ll never be truly satisfied unless you follow your heart.

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