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I never saw her since 13\1\2011 until we met again 8\8\2018.

I never saw her since 13\1\2011 until we met again 8\8\2018.

Five months have passed since the anniversary of the Syrian war, a war that has forced us to do things we don't want to do. In memory of that day I wrote a blog on the story of my life sharing what my childhood was like since the beginning of the war and until now: "How war changed me." You can read the blog to know the full story.

In this blog I mentioned my first friend in my life. We were five years old when we first met and we stayed together until the war started, when we were forced to leave each other.

Since 2011 I had not received any news about her, I only heard from time to time that she was alive.

Recently, I was able to reach her by asking our friends about her. I was able to talk to her, but I could not see her. The war again was keeping us away.

But, finally, 2 days after our 7-year separation, I met her and how happy I was!

I felt like we were still young - stealing chalk from the neighbouring school and destroying our neighbours' water meters. For a moment it was as if our separation was a fantasy, but the surrounding destruction reminded us that our separation and that curse called war, actually happened.

"What really matters is that you're okay," I told her. My happiness was really indescribable. While I thought I was strong, she was much stronger than me.

War steals our friends, houses, and sometimes memories, but do not let it steal your soul.

Today my friend will start her new class, which she was forced to leave under harsh conditions in the past, but she never stops dreaming. She will be a doctor one day - she told me.

She proved to me that - and others who live in the same circumstances - we are like the unshakable oak, we will remain steadfast in the face of this war and will not give up dreaming!

As Karim Al-Shazli said, "Only a man who is afraid of being inspired by an ambitious dream to break the constraints of reality is afraid of dreams."

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