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World Environment Day (WED) is a supposedly great day celebrated every June 5th to celebrate the environment and all that it has to offer.

It is a day set aside by the United Nations to celebrate the sustainability and well being of mother earth and to campaign for its sustainability, protection and conservation. Yet with all of these campaigns and preparations we still have degradation, high levels of pollution, oil spills, land grabbing, and GMOs. Other environmental destructive agents like multinational corporations who are supported and backed by governments and their agencies pollute and destroy the environment more and more without any remorse.

As individuals, and as citizens of the earth it is high time we see beyond our noses and look at the negative impact of things that have come as a result of our negligence on the health status of our environment.

In high time we should look inward and work on our attitude on how we treat and tend to the needs of our environment because the environment is a living organism too- she grows, develops, dies and decays so she needs protection and care.

The environment is our life and we live in it. When the environment is sick we all become sick too, no doubt about that.

The environment is all that we have to rely on for food, shelter, livelihood and every other means of living rest upon our environment.

So is time we change our mindsest and begin to treat our environment with care, love, and concern and dignity just as we treat our fellow humans.

Lets use this medium to reduce our carbon foot print, sanitize the public about the dangers of climate change because Climate Change is REAL .....

HAPPY WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY...Small island and Climate Change..,

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