What can youth really do?

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The definitions of who is a youth varies, but usually it is someone between the ages of 16-35 approximately. But what makes youth a youth? What makes him different from kids and old people?

It’s the spirit of doing something! Making a difference, choosing the path less trodden.

But most of us today are so obsessed with technology and social media that we've forgotten what we are, we have forgotten the fire burning inside of us that has a power to change the world.

I’m not saying that technology and social media are bad, but the obsession with it is harmful. Go out there, explore the unknown, express your creativity, and create something. Make music, pick up a paintbrush and make art, do research about what interests you, try to connect two different branches of science, start a new business.

Guys this is our age, and believe me we can do anything, we can make our wildest dreams and our skyrocketing goals real.

Mark your name on the face of the Earth, make the whole world remember you for centuries to come.

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