What Change is Visible in Nigeria?

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I once thought by Now Nigerians will be enjoying and seeing the changes as promised by the changers. I wish to know are the changes we seek still visible? I guess No, because the reverse is now the case. Our environment and livelihood are less conducive by the day and the cost of living is on the rise daily.

Promises are broken daily, lives destroyed daily by herdsmen and agitators in the North-East, In the East and in the Niger Delta regions with the rise of new groups of agitators.

A nation where citizens' lives no longer matter to the ruling class, rather what matters to them is the amassing of wealth and personal gains making; and passing laws that suits only them and not the masses that elected them to power.

A nation where the ruling class no longer wants the average citizens to sponsor their children abroad but have all their kids studying from Universities abroad.

A nation where the promises of CHANGE to a better nation has turned into a nation of wailers and finger-pointing ruling class who have failed to see beyond their noses. Now Nigeria are demanding a system that works because the lives of every Nigerian matters irrespective of religion, social status or geographical locations.

A nation where innocent people are been slaughtered everyday and yet the ruling class are not making any visible moves to curb the senseless killings. We need to start thinking and acting right.

Let’s stop the blame games and think of a way out because if we keep holding on to mete slogans, corruption accusations and blame games, then we as Nigerians will remain on the wrong track.

It is high time we diversify our economy from fossil fuels dependency and shift our focus to full scale organic agricultural practices as it used to be in the past decades with each region known to have specific agricultural produce that powered development efforts in those regions.

In the North we used to have the cotton and groundnut pyramids, in the south West cocoa, in Eastern Nigeria we had palm oil, cashew among others and in the South- south we had rubber, oil palm, coconuts and the people enjoyed fishing then as their environment was hospitable.

Since the arrival of dependency on fossil fuels all these have become history.
Oil economy is no longer favoring any nation in the world as nations of the world are busy shifting to alternative sources of energy.

Why can’t we as Nigerians do the same rather than still depending on international crude oil pricing system to decide the implementation of our nation’s budgets. Until we diversify our economy, practice true fiscal federalism, Nigeria will remain under the shadows of underdevelopment.

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