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What makes a good Teacher?

When you start teaching it’s useful to have some start of guidelines or role models of good Teachers to provide something to aim at, especially when you are using ICT.

Good teachers are born not made“- you might have heard this old maxim and thought yourself not suited to be a teacher. The main problem with this saying is that it’s wrong. True, there are those who exhibit confidence and an ability to inspire and motivate groups of people. Such people, however, are not necessarily good teachers. They may struggle to plan classes, to explain properly, to assess, and are deficient in a whole range of other necessary skills. Teaching is a lifelong learning is profession and requires one to behave like a professional by learning and developing the necessary skills and practices including ICT in Education.

How confident are you about:

ü The roles and responsibilities of a teacher?

ü Learning styles?

ü Planning a course?

ü Planning a session?

ü How people learn?

ü Skills for life and key skills?

ü Communication skills?

ü Presentation skills?

ü Demonstration skills?

From above we as ICT Club of teachers we need to create a reflective teacher through Continuing Professional Development(CPD)

Can ICT help CPD?

One way that Teachers can take control of their own Professional development is through the use of ICT-Hardware or Software. Through the use of purposefully designed websites, CD-ROMs and/or DVDs, teachers can absorb new knowledge and understanding at their own pace, plan the integration of their new skills into their teaching, and continually develop as professionals. Teacher net recognises that professional development in the use of ICT in Teaching and Learning is essential if schools are to realise their investment in ICT. This does not just mean that teachers have to use ICT in the classroom but it can be used to facilitate their own professional development. There is, if course, a huge number of ways in which ICT can aid teachers in both their teaching and learning. These vary from specific support, advice and software, to more wide-ranging initiatives which can be accessed via Internet. Online forums allow teachers to share best practices and discuss new ideas and developments in teaching. Resources specifically developed for CPD are available from many different companies.

Challenges we face:

Ø Many teachers are still faced woefully poor ICT support in Schools;

Ø Many teachers already have enormous time demands;

Ø The use of hardware in professional development has still not been fully utilized;

Ø Many teachers now routinely connect their chalks into their classrooms;

Ø Lack materials such computers, digitals, and internet-does not enable to consult E-Learning at REB website and so on.

Specialist support
An area where ICT can truly aid continuing professional development is the teaching of subjects that require specialist knowledge. Some subjects (such as science or languages) fill some teacher’s hearts with terror – as they require high levels of knowledge and understanding, and some very specific skills. After all, how easy is it to teach French if you don’t speak a word? With subjects like this, software can not only offer specialist guidance, but also build all-important confidence.

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