What Have We Done?

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In a world, torn and rough, a war is raging. Who shall prevail?

In a world, torn and rough, a war is raging. Who shall prevail?

What can I do to make a difference? What can I do to change perceptions? What can I do to get others inspired?

Perhaps it’s surprising – the quake that one person can make to bring about a change. The truth is, we can do a lot. In fact, we must do a lot.

In a world, indescribably torn and rough, a war wages unlike any seen before. Good and Hate viciously battle, to the death. They have forgotten the suffering and pain endowed onto their citizens. All they care of is victory – ‘victory at all costs’ some might say.

Time is running short.

Who will prevail: Good or Hate?

Beyond the horizon however, spawns a new force: Speech. This movement knows no boundaries or evil. Boarders and territories are a foreign language to it. Speech enters the battle, but neither watches nor fights. Instead, fills Good and Hate with a new kind of feeling: knowledge and empathy.

Good and Hate drop their weapons and gaze at the scene before them: death and carnage, pain and mourning, sickness and disease. This world, cold and bleak, knows no happiness and its citizens know nothing but fear. Fear of themselves. Fear of each other. A prejudiced world.

What have they done?

What is the best way of helping people overcome hate, prejudice, and any form of malignity – speaking out. For too long, the war between the self-proclaimed forces of ‘good’ and their enemies ‘hate’ have waged a war – thus forgetting humanity and love.

We must forget these self-proclamations of good and evil: they mean nothing! Instead – hold your view, be steadfast! Observe the law of humanity and human dignity!

Your keyboard is your most powerful weapon. The keyboard does not discriminate between the young and old or rich and poor. Use it wisely – but never give up.

The keyboard is your ally, liberator and messenger; therefore I implore you to use it and never underestimate it.

Join with Speech and end injustice forever.

Good luck!

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