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They say “money makes the world go round” and that “education is the key to success”. With money invested in important sectors like education there can be development. That is why if I were a millionaire I would invest more in education and youth empowerment.

I would invest in education especially in girl child education. I would make sure that the majority of girls access education because they say that “when you educate a girl child you educate a nation”. This is so because I have seen how hard life become if a woman has never been to school. Mainly it is the children who will suffer and this means a poor future for children. Therefore, I would invest in building girls’ schools and providing scholarships so as to help many girls access education.

The other thing I would do is construct skills training centres to be accessed by youths. Many youths nowadays are unemployed and so they end up roaming in the streets and others indulge themselves in illicit activities. Therefore, if skills training centres were opened and are easily accessible youths will be empowered with life skills so as to sustain themselves.

Not just investing in education, I would also invest in providing loans to people who want to start up businesses. Many people have good ideas in terms of starting up businesses but they do not have access to funds. So providing these people with funds they can do more to develop their respective communities and the world at large.

With money you can get all the material things needed (example food, shelter, quality education and others) to put a smile on someone’s face.

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