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© UNICEF/NYHQ2013-1130/Stubblebine

© UNICEF/NYHQ2013-1130/Stubblebine

Ask the students or...Katy Perry? Students and young bloggers from 3 New York schools gathered in the UNICEF House in New York anxiously awaiting the announcement of UNICEF's newest Goodwill Ambassador, Katy Perry. Today, December 3rd, UNICEF was excited to announce and welcome Katy as the newest Goodwill Ambassador.

Katy's role as a Goodwill Ambassador is to engage young people in speaking about the issues they believe are most important in their own lives and enlisting them to come up with solutions to those challenges” (http://www.unicef.org/media/media_71241.html). While waiting for the global star, I had the chance to ask one student about her thoughts on Goodwill Ambassadors. Trisha, from Plainview Old Bethpage High School in New York stated that a Goodwill Ambassador is “someone who takes initiative, and is involved in projects and in the global community.”

Hannah Godefa, UNICEF Ethiopia Youth Ambassador, moderated this special event and Katy Perry was also welcomed by UNICEF Executive Director, Anthony Lake. Katy Perry's trip to Madagascar inspired her to become a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. It was a life changing trip where she was “inspired by the incredible joy” on the children’s faces. Katy explained that “it's the education, the information, the intelligence, that you feel valuable with.” She learned this through her trip to Madagascar. Here is Katy's Unconditionally video inspired by her trip: http://uni.cf/katyperry.

Anthony Lake, UNICEF Executive Director, urged young people, just like you, to “Be involved. Educated. Agitate. ROAR.” After smiling for pictures for the press, Katy took the time to pose for student and blogger pictures. Students were beyond excited after meeting Katy and taking pictures with her. One student from The Brooklyn International High School, Souzie (originally from Haiti) told me that Katy's status as a Goodwill Ambassador “is touching because not all celebrities usually do what she just did.” Sanousy also from The Brooklyn International High School (originally from Haiti) also said that Katy Perry as a Goodwill Ambassador is “Great. Not many people go to the areas she went to. The people she visits sometimes don't have others that can support them.”

Congratulations to Katy Perry and let's continue to let our voices roar!

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