What is Money to You(th) 2?

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CLIMB - Changing Little Into MegaBucks

CLIMB - Changing Little Into MegaBucks

What ever preconception you have about money, you must be aware that the winds of circumstance blow on all of us in an unending flow that touches each of our lives. Many young people around the world constantly experience the blowing winds of scarcity, shortage and insufficiency. We are blown daily by the same winds of circumstance and buffeted by the same turbulent storms of discontent about the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

We have failed to realize that what guides each of us to different destinations in life is usually determined by the way we choose to set our sail. The way we think about what makes the major difference in where each of us arrives. Challenging situations are not events reserved for the poor, the uneducated or the destitute. The rich and the poor have the same challenges that can lead to financial ruin and personal despair.

What is your philosophy about money?

Which ever emotion you dwell upon will grow, just as a fire would if you put more fuel upon it. There is a need to develop a completely different mindset from the average person who worries about money most of his life. Money gets attracted to value. Instead of thinking about $1000, think about how to add value to 1000 people that can pay $1 each.

Like I said in part 1 , that there are really only 5 things you can do with money: Earn it, Spend it, Save it, Invest it, Give it. I have touched on the first 3, I will touch on the other 2 in the few lines below;


Investing your money wisely is crucial to getting the most return on your time and effort. After all, you've worked hard for your money. It is time to make your money work for you. I strongly believe that the last thing you want to do after earning your money is to watch it all drain away through a poor investment strategy. For example, you can invest in buying books, which you can then rent out at a lower price for many people. You can invest your money in learning a new skill an in turn teach it to others for a pay. Over time, your money begins to grow in amazing ways while you add up innovative ways to invest continuously.


As with saving, your giving should always be planned and regular. Choose your charities wisely, and make sure they’re putting as much of your money as possible into their primary work rather than miring it all in overhead. It’s also okay to keep some money aside in a contingency fund for those “spur of the moment” donations. Note that all true wealth is from God; you are the stewards so don’t hold on to it too tightly when he is trying to teach you to live generously.

My parting shot on this short piece is that knowledge in itself does not confer power, it is knowledge that is intelligently applied that brings benefits to our lives. As Billy Graham said, 'when wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost something is lost; but when character is lost, all is lost. Don't lose your character in the bid to make some amount of money.'

So Start investing, keep sowing your viable seeds and don't lose your character.

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Keep CLIMB (Changing Little Into MegaBucks) alive.

Much Love. Cheers:)

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