What is more important: PEACE or Territorial Right?


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In every post I write, I'd like to say as the first sentence that I'm Vietnamese, my native country is Vietnam. It's certain that everyone loves their country, where they were born, where they are loved and grow up. Maybe, in your mind you have never heard about Vietnam, where is that? Or you would rather know about Somalia better than Vietnam. I know that. Some of you might think that Vietnamese are Chinese because you might think that we “look the same”. But WE ARE NOT THE SAME. I can't stand here to see my country once again being invaded by China. I need to speak up. My voice is weak, but I believe my friends from all over the world will help me to lift my voice up, once you know the TRUTH, won't you?

It's been thousands years that China had invaded Vietnam, tried to turn us into Chinese, but it couldn't have been successful. After almost 1000 years dominated, we have driven the Chinese out of our country. But after that, China always tried to find an opportunity to invade us because our country is smaller than them. China does everything to have what they want:

-First: they sent to United Nations Organizations a document say that the archipelagos in The South Sea would belong to them, that includes archipelagos of Vietnam, Philippine, Brunei, Malaysia. How greedy they are!

-Second: a Chinese military vessel that pretended to be a fishing boat crashed into a Vietnamese ship which was prospecting for petroleum under the sea of Vietnamese area, and they've cut the prospecting cable, then they lied that that was an accident provoked by the Vietnamese ship, as they've warned but no one heard. The thing is: What is a Chinese boat doing in Vietnamese sea-territories?

-Third: they've informed to the world and their people that the Hoang Sa archipelago and the Truong Sa archipelago are Tay Sa and Nam Sa archipelagos that belong to them. Although, no one knows, in 1974, China had used military to invade Hoang Sa and Truong Sa of Vietnam. At that time, we still fought against the United States, so China used that to attack because we were lacking an army and the UNO couldn't interfere as we were in the middle of the battle, not yet an independent nation. That wasn't a real battle, as we didn't fight back. China used battleships to get near the Truong Sa archipelago and then shot at Vietnamese soldiers who were standing and holding Vietnam's flag. Until the world's communities objected what they have done, so they stopped, but still they didn't give back the part of our archipelagos that they have appropriated. What is the word that we should say to Chine now? Thief or murderer? Or Both?!

To get what they want, China lies about everything even falsifies history! Friends, please help us! Help us to speak loudly to the world of what China has done and still keeps doing on and on. Help Vietnam to keep our territories, we can't lose our archipelagos because our fathers and grandfathers have kept the Vietnam's flag in their hand to the last breathe to tell us that the Truong Sa archipelago and the Hoang Sa archipelago are BELONG TO VIETNAM. WE CANNOT LET CHINA GET WHAT THEY WANT JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE STRONGER!

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