What is success?

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In life, everyone wants success. However, more than half of us are wrong when we consider ourselves as successful if we just graduate with the top scores in our class. This issue has led to bullying and such wrong doers think themselves to be successful in life. What is the real definition of success?

Success has nothing to do with what you do for yourself or what you gain, success is all about what you do for others. Success, in literal terms, is to work hard and as an outcome, make just one life breath easier because you have lived.

So, as youth, why don't we try to succeed by helping others. Why don't we try to educate the illiterate and poor by charities and supportive programs, instead of laughing at their lack of knowledge?

Every human has the right to learn and to lead a life in which he/she can succeed. We need to find equal opportunities for these humans as well. Nevertheless, if we don't, even the poorest families who serve as garbage collectors have succeeded. They have picked our rubbish, made our lives easier right?

On the other hand, are we successful? Have we helped out in someone's life? Or do we even know what success is?

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