What is the American Dream?

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With the Kardashian family as a very influential figure in American media, fame and wealth prove too powerful.

With the Kardashian family as a very influential figure in American media, fame and wealth prove too powerful.

In our literature class, we have been discussing the idea of the "American Dream." This "dream" was first manifested by the primary idea of immigration. It began with the Puritans and the Separatists - two groups of people seeking an escape from persecution. To me, this essential creation of our nation built upon the desire of freedom is incredible. Our nation fought herself over the liberty of other men, and tested whether a unique country built from this principle would last. Yet, throughout history's course, this American dream has drastically changed.

Firstly with the issue of illegal immigration, while it is not quite just, why are we now persecuting those trying to achieve the American dream, those who have arrived like our ancestors? America is supposed to be a land of opportunity and a safe-haven for those from corrupted and oppressed places. Can the first settlers to America be viewed as illegal immigrants? The "American Dream" has also changed into concepts based on greed, wealth, and materialism. Our freedoms and rights are so pervasive, we don't even acknowledge them any more. It would take a foreigner from a country without our same basic rights to notice. No longer are we striving to obtain freedom and intellectuality at our highest potential (as most kids today are already seemingly entitled to this), we're focused on when the next iPhone comes out, who has the newest Nikes, who earns a higher salary. But are these so important they exceed our recognition and appreciation of our rights, of the abundance of food, clothes, water we have?

It was inevitable that the American Dream has evolved over time, but was it really for the better? America has the potential to be even greater, but with our current mentality and priorities, have we regressed into a materialistic society concerned only with fame other frivolous desires?

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