What is your permanent address?

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The question that makes me most uncomfortable is: What is your permanent address?

For people who have called two completely different countries home I struggle to answer this question. I usually then ask when will you be posting this item so I can equate to my location at the time. The word permanent itself suggest forever and as an international citizen, I struggle to see me in one place permanently - my passport will tell the tale.

It is difficult to explain how I so easily call London home whilst also easily call Seychelles home. They are starkly different. One with tall buildings with all the shops and services, grey skies, big rushing population, no horizon in sight and the smell of polluted air. The other fewer buildings, fewer shops, fewer services, blue skies, laid back population (we all run on island time), the sea and fresh air. Regardless of their differences I love them both equally for different reasons.

With the world becoming increasing globalised are national borders as important and should they be? Do you think a world without borders can exist? Can the current economic system achieve it?

* Sorry for the short post this week as I am buried in work.

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