What Motivates Voices of Youth Mappers?

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Youth Mappers in Borel Community of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Credit CEDAPS)

Youth Mappers in Borel Community of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Credit CEDAPS)

Over the past month youth volunteers from all around the world have been testing UNICEF's new mapping system urgencyrank.unicef-gis.org. Their work is helping improve our ability to innovate and empower more young people as public advocates for the environment. Why did these young people volunteer to help? Here are a few reasons, in the words of the youth mappers themselves.

Dhiroj K. from Nepal: “United Nations always vibrates my mind. I was born in a very remote district of Nepal. When I was a child, I used to see the UN personals in white vehicles having blue number plate and the logo of UN in their T-Shirt. Now I'm a student of forestry and environment is my primary concern. Therefore, I want to advocate for healthy and hygienic environment and more attention on nature, environment, resources and sanitation issues."

Isvoranu D. from Romania: "I am very enthusiastic with the new UNICEF platform. It is a quick and easy method for people around the world to report problems in society. The platform offers the possibility to not only report on the subject but also include pictures, so the message is clearer. Beyond this it is also a useful tool for anyone who wants to gather information about various countries around the globe. The crisis I wanted to report on was garbage disposal and deforestation. People should be made aware of the harm they can do to the environment with their actions and they have to realize that the consequences will reflect in the future and can have a direct impact on their lives."

Yannick N. from Cameroon: "I am advocating for a proper management of the environment. The government and the people are suppose to take proper care of their communities to keep them clean. Let the government put in place better waste management strategies. It is said «cleanliness is next to Godliness». We can have our own heaven here on earth if everyone can clean their yards then we could have another Garden of Eden."

Aditya P. from India: "Working for the society has always been my primary motive. Growing up in a society that doesn't emphasizes on the importance of cleanliness, I understand the importance of healthy sanitary conditions around oneself. It is imperative that there exists a mutual understanding between our daily routine and our conscience that incorporates the need for sanitation. The platform provided by UNICEF has motivated me to pursue my interests in the uplifting of society."

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