What’s great about my community?

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Seeing as this is my first blog post, I will start with a short introduction so that we can get to know ourselves a little better. My name is Christopher Onoka and I am a 19 year old Kenyan currently studying civil engineering in Germany. I love basketball and I am a proud foodie.

So now let’s get down to business. Over the course of the next 6 months I am going to upload a blog post weekly, talking about a wide range of topics that all have to do with the youth. Discourse is encouraged through comments and I am really looking forward to reading your opinions and experiences on the topic at hand. I hope that this will not only be an outlet for my thoughts, but will afford me the opportunity to learn and to hear about your personal feelings and thoughts. Let the journey begin!

For my first blog post I want to start on a positive note. We all have the same feelings of nationalistic and community pride whereby everyone thinks that their country/ community is the best and greatest. But what makes your community great?

Thinking about Kenya, for me it would have to be the attitude of the people. Kenyans have a sunny and warm disposition that is unparalleled worldwide. Combined with the relaxed pace of life, this makes it a great place to live. Of course this is just my personal opinion and depending on whom you ask you will get a different answer.

One could also approach the question scientifically and throw around the fact that Africa’s economy in general (and Kenya’s in particular) is one of the highest growing worldwide, but to be honest this is rarely felt by the common mwananchi on the street. He will only notice slight fluctuations such as those of the cost of fuel, rent, public transportation and foodstuffs but the fact that the economy is growing is lost on him.

But to me, this doesn’t make a country great. Great is something that goes beyond good. No matter how obvious the previous sentence sounded, think about it for a moment. For me, a country can’t be great simply because the economy is excellent. For greatness, you need the intangibles, the small things. The warm attitude and resilience of Kenya is what makes it for me great.

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