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Tribute to Victor Jara,inside the U. of Santiago . Chilean artist and political activist, tortured and murdered in dictatorship.

Tribute to Victor Jara,inside the U. of Santiago . Chilean artist and political activist, tortured and murdered in dictatorship.

Hello everyone, as I already introduced myself (in my previous post) a little bit I might now talk to you more about myself and my environment.

When I initially arrived to Santiago all I wanted to do was go to the university. I had already gone through the first year of my career and I wanted to continue that one. Eventually I found it at the University of Santiago, it is a huge university. At first I didn't know anything and I was constantly lost. However, people were very kind enough to me and helped me become accustomed to all the things and schedules I had to fulfill.

The first couple of months I received so much information I could barely keep it together. When I finally “fit it altogether" I started to distinguish the features of my classmates and even my teachers, characteristics with which I had never been in contact with before. There were many different influences, culture and historic heritage existing in my new country, new city, new entourage, new university, new everything : )

The university of Santiago has had a very special history, especially through the years of the dictatorship because of the grievous human rights violations that took place. The spirit of claim stood for generations to come. It’s something still very noticeable. The walls inside talk for themselves with colourful messages, deep quotes and graffiti are all over the campus. They maintain messages of peace, democracy, social manifestation and solidarity. Trust me when I tell you those things stay very alive in my community. The thought of union that I’ve witnessed is what I would like to highlight.

The Chilean student movement is something completely new to me but greatly admired in many Latin-American countries and my classmates as my closest community have shown me that the aim is simple: justice. They have many ideals and requests but it all comes down to JUSTICE. They don’t care if they have to fight to be heard, they don’t mind being too loud, they don’t mind helping others even without capacities. Whatever it takes (discipline, time, effort etc..) they will do it just because their hearts and souls are put into the things they want to accomplish and that is something sincerely inspiring.

In fact a couple of months ago there was a huge fire in a close city. Days were left before winter and some of my classmates went there. Some of them didn’t know where they were going to stay nor how long they would be there. However they went to build houses, took clothes to donate, rescued dogs, and kept the strength that characterizes them, and Chilean people are like that. People here face fires and earthquakes and take it like a piece of cake. Of course they suffer but it´s absolutely incredible how in a matter of hours they take out their flags to stand up and stand together. Chileans, just like my classmates, are strong and determinate. That is absolutely the greatest thing my community has.

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