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My name is Shradzy and I believe that everyone should be heard out.

Firstly, (OBVIOUSLY) I think you can tell that I am the kind of person who will do a lot to achieve justice. The reason why I am writing this article is because I believe people should be heard out.

Age. This thing we call 'age' is, in many ways, a global handicap. However, the only reason it is a handicap is because, we the people, make it one. Why should a child's voice be drowned out in the horde of adults who silence it because the child happens to be younger than them? Size does not equal intelligence, which has been repeatedly proven over and over again in our history. And one certain thing about history, is that it ALWAYS repeats itself.

Okay, so you now you may be wondering where on earth she happens to be going with this? But, I believe the first step to creating an equal world is abolishing ignorance. And the first step to ignorance is categorising and stereotyping people. However, there is a line between ignorance and having an opinion. Our world needs to realise that.

Do I believe our world can ever hold true, 100% equality? No! Although every single person out there who is passionate about equality and diversity is probably disagreeing with me, the truth stands, and will stand, from a hundred years ago to now to one hundred years in the future, to he fact that humans cannot change!

This is an OPINION. I have taken into consideration other views and beliefs and added my own. But what I believe is clear. There will always be that few; the minority, the extremists, who disagree for the sake of disagreeing. They cannot bear to watch OUR world function peacefully. These people, could be the reason you are blaming the wars, the famines and/or political/ national disasters. And, frankly putting it, I suggest we should forget the 'ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL ' phrase because, although we cannot nip inequality at the bud, we can pluck its thorns and grow its petals. This is the one thing I feel humanity can achieve!

Thanks for taking time out to read this! I don't know much about the world yet, but the one thing I do know is that our world, and our cultures, and way of life is a beautiful but dangerous one. However, beauty lies in the plainest of things ....

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