What's Health to You?

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"Health is the basis for everything; if you want to study or work, you need to be in good physical and mental health." 15-17 Female South Africa

The World Health Organization (WHO) has just released their latest report, "Health for the World's Adolescents." The report reveals information from published evidence and consultations from youth 10-19 years old. It answers questions such as what is the number one cause of illness and disability among adolescents. The focus of the report? To bring more "accelerated action on adolescent health."

What is health to you? Check it out in full here!

"Sometimes it's just hard to pass up on something that tastes so good even if it is bad for your body. I have to remind myself that part of the reason it does taste so good is because of the added artificial flavouring or excess sugar content." - female, 18-19, USA

"Fear, distance, not being aware that they (health services) are available in your region" - 15-17 Female Switzerland

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