What Spurs Killings in Central America


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In countries like Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Honduras only 27 % of the youth are enrolled in schools. The average youth in Guatemala attends school now for 4.1 years, Nicaragua is little better with 5.7 years. What kinds of future could this hold for the large youth population in these central american countries?

With the drug trade becoming more violent and the trade route staying constant from South America to North, Central America is deadlocked in the middle. The youth in gangs have even begun to shrug of their governments currency, with most gang members accepting cocaine for payment. In fact, 40 % of all murders within this region right now are currently drug related. And with less and less opportunity for the youth of these countries to create a life for themselves (and with the government not helping much), it's no surprise to understand why so many are turning towards the jobs that are at least consistent.

The answer needs to come from the governments, but with so much fighting and disparities between parties in countries where the ruling party has never ruled for consecutive sessions, its hard for them to come to cohesive decisions on what needs to be done. And yet, during this time of argument, young people are killing each other dying in cold blood on the streets. Youth are even beginning to kill at younger ages. Articles have been written about young people as young as 12 killing multiple individuals brutally without blinking an eye. They've become indoctrinated to the killings and have appeared to lose disregard for their fellow human being, as long as they can put food on the table for the ones they love.

At this point, immediate reactions needs to come from some of the richest countries in the world to find a new solution to the drug trade, as obviously too many are having their lives ruined along the way. What will it take for something like this to happen? A dramatic and united call to arms must come from world leaders to stop this madness. If not, death in this part of the americas will be as common for youth as blinking their eyes.

Sources and photo taken from the Economist, http://www.economist.com/node/18558254

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