What the Communists forgot

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Community owned property. Collective contribution. Equal wealth distribution. And Justice For All.

Justice it is, for there comes about the complete absence of inequality, and Thomas Piketty would have the least worry of authoring another book. What is equal in not always what is just, but for what it’s worth, subjectivity leaves room for the ambiguous to play with your mind. I guess this is the same with every form of political - or other - theory introduced by humans. Everyone has the inherent "right" to have an opinion in today's world, as they say. So yes, subjectivity looms large. That in itself is a topic to blog about for a lifetime, so I'm writing only about Communism today.

I am no economist, but I do understand the constraints to be dealt with when a command economy is in practice. And the modernist businessman in you would tell me that today’s nerve breaking competition leaves no place for the government to be in charge of markets. I agree. But I still cannot seem to get over the sympathy that I have for the underprivileged. The sympathy that I valued as a 15-year old.
And of course I never made those sentiments public. I had my reasons for that. For one, there was no proper audience.

The kid in me was always a Communist. A Communist out of sentiment. That kid always wanted a Communist world. A flawless society. That kid respected the Communists for their most celebrated concept; Equality.

Several years and books and lectures (and movies) later, I found something drastically wrong with the Communist ideals. Something that made Communism as erratic as any other -ism you can think of.

The Communists forgot something; something that got in the way of everything progressive that happened throughout history; something that we (almost) have no control of; Human nature.

Immense material wealth could be the source of your happiness; the destination in your journey for success in life. It could easily be the bullet to your gun of jealousy; the dope that gets you high. The fate of every world citizen, the agenda of every government and the carefully crafted lie of every diplomat could be the consequences of this never ending greed for wealth. And the Communists’ solution for a new world order was fueled thus. Making everybody’s happy, through equal distribution of wealth. "What you can touch is what you own" was the simple definition. The little thoughts, conceptions and ideas that trigger emotion, were simply forgotten.

Imagine an ideally Communist world where none would reign supreme (financially); Equal pay, equal benefits and equal recognition. Will the divide no longer exist? Won't there still be the ones who enjoy love and the ones who don’t? Won't there be the ones loaded with talent and the ones found wanting? Will the "Rich" and the "Poor" vanish altogether?

For the simple reason that humans are never psychologically satisfied, equality would remain an undefined term.

But Communists are by no means a useless lot - the concept of equality, on which they built their identity, is something which more time should be given to ponder over. Human beings have much thinking to do in the years to come, and the youth have an important role to play.

If you have faced the same transition - or something similar - growing up, please do share with me in the comments section below.

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