What will my future be?

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Free source: Photo by Garidy Sanders on Unsplash

Free source: Photo by Garidy Sanders on Unsplash

The clock ticks, the days pass, and finally the day arrives. The day you begin high school, the day you begin adulthood, the day of your first job. Depending on the person, these can bring a variety of emotions. For me it differs as to what it is, as it does with all of us. We all feel a variety of emotions leading up to something big, and it could be all we think about. So much so that we forget about what is happening right now.

This is very true for me. I cannot seem to focus on what is happening in my life during the present. Instead I spend my time thinking about a family vacation I am excited for, or maybe an important soccer game I am excited to play. Usually, however, my mind is planning ahead for something academic.

I still remember my nerves leading up to high school, my excitement and satisfaction in seeing the courses I could take as well as all other possibilities. Within a month of having entered high school, it was my new normal. What else did I have to look forward to?

That’s when I began to look for universities.

I suppose this is common in other parts of the world, in which your early high school grades affect your possibilities of making it to a top university. Unless they want to study in the United States, most Canadian kids don’t really have to worry about their grades and classes until maybe grade 11, or grade 10 for some specific courses. I was barely in grade 8 when I began looking for universities, which is when high school, also known as secondary school, starts where I live. Why did I do this? I don’t really know. Perhaps the excitement of high school began to wear off. It wasn’t the first time. My mom can still recall how all throughout preschool, all I could talk about was entering Kindergarten.

Now I am barely 15, about to enter grade 10. Some would still say I am too young to be thinking so far ahead. Others would say it is a great thing that I am so motivated at such a young age. I wouldn’t go with either. I believe the best thing is to plan ahead and see where life takes you, but also to live in the moment and see what you can do now. That is the reason I wrote this article. I keep on thinking about all my journalistic dreams and where I could possibly study to learn more. I think about it so much now, that I do much less writing altogether than I used to, before my ‘future’ took up so much time. Back in elementary school, any and all my free time I had was spent writing and creating. That was before I cared as much about what the future could possibly be.

By writing this, I am doing something about the future, right now. No matter how much I think about the future, it is something we cannot write. No amount of planning or studying will determine what my exact career and life will be like after finishing high school or university.

Around the world, or even around the block, another kid my age may be seeing something entirely different ahead. I couldn’t be luckier to be living the life I am today, going to school, as well as preparing for my studies and career in something I enjoy when the time comes. Not so many have the chance.

I still don’t know my exact future, but I do know that it will be decided in time and I should enjoy living in the now.

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