What would I do if I were a millionaire?


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That’s a very difficult question as there are so many problems that I would like to solve. At first, I thought of what discourages me most in my life and of what injustice I see. And I saw the old people around that are just disrespected and who aren’t treated fairly. It makes my heart beat fast and the feeling that I can’t take all the pain off their faces makes me grit my teeth. Then what came in my mind were the wars and violence that had been staying with us for the entire history of the human being. And I wish I could just stop them, to show people that we could support each other and love each other and it would be more beneficial for everyone. And after I’ve thought a little bit more, I knew of which I have to write and in which I would invest my hypothetical money.

Education. That’s the one part of a person’s life that can make the human race to develop in a healthier manner. And probably in a few generations, most of the problems that first came to my mind would be solved by the people living then. The reasons why education is so relevant and essential are various, are usually obvious, but I would like to point them out again, if I may.

Firstly, education is about learning. And learning has, in my opinion, two different aspects : the first one refers to the fact that by learning we are discovering our own abilities. I truly believe that everyone has a special skill hidden inside him and that he should seek it during all his life, if necessary. And finding this skill means achieve our full potential which can only lead to a more equilibrated society, with people more happier, with more self-esteem and more productive.

The other aspect I would like to highlight is the one that by learning, we benefit of the knowledge of our ancestors. I want to say that we shouldn’t learn only from our mistakes, even if it is the most efficient way, but also from other people’s mistake. If they did it, why should I do it again? This can’t be applied to every situation as the world is changing and what yesterday was classified as a mistake, today may be considered acceptable or otherwise.

Secondly, what I believe is the most astonishing about education is that it broadens your horizons, it opens unimaginable perspectives. By education, people gain an inquiring mind, an unruly curiosity, which make them rumple in life after answers. I am convinced that if people knew the choices they have and of what they were capable with their resources, they wouldn’t act on what they were told by who knows who but instead live their life according to their core beliefs. For example, I am thinking of women who don’t know how to act responsibly in matters of sexual interaction, who then have to struggle to deal with a demeaning decision, done at hard times, or to grow a baby, probably on their own. And after the birth of the baby, another rough period comes. Educated mothers tend to take better care of their children, by immunizing them and providing them with a healthy environment in their early childhood. Another difficult situation that could be reminded is of people all around the world who don’t know their rights, and who are abused without even demanding a change or knowing that a change should be out of the question.

All in all, I think education is the foundation of every progress we make and it is the investment that will pay the most dividends in our children or grand-children’s world.


1. I would like to recommend this study, which puts the benefits education brings in numbers: http://www.results.org/images/uploads/files/why_education_matters_11_04_09.pdf

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