What You Do Not Know About Ebola Virus Can Kill You

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Recently, the Ebola virus has outstripped Guinean borders; the whole continent is in danger. Not only is the epidemic killing but it also has the power to change your perception. In fact, after this scourge, the world is not able to see Africans as usual anymore. This is not racism; this is fear of catching diseases.

Although pity and assistance have been given for HIV cases, reservations have been also voiced. That is to say, people are afraid of Africans. At the present time, countries only close their borders for African countries reached by the virus, but soon, they will definitely protect them from the whole continent. However, this is not going to happen if we either find an acceptable cure or change our mind. Let me remind you a universal law: “no one, naturally, wants to kill someone”. Don’t be afraid! No African is that crazy to expose the virus if he knows exactly that he might have been infected. Because, spreading it means killing people. Moreover, nobody apart from us is well placed to describe you the effects of virus. Don’t be scared! All Arabian peoples are not terrorists. The same way, All Africans are not carrying HIV/AIDS or Ebola virus. I wish after reading this article you are not afraid to take a plane or bus because the African and the Arabian sitting next to you can be a normal guy like you who carries no virus and who has no bomb in him/her.

Therefore, take all the necessary precautions to prevent yourself from any infection, but do not let it change your perception or your relationship.

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