When My Eyes Grow Old

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When my eyes grow old I hope they don't see the same world.

I hope I only have memories of how this world is today.

And I hope to change my life before it's too late.

I know I'm young now, but I won't be forever, and time is everything.

Maybe I'll care less what people think of me.

I wish to have more knowledge then I have ever had before.

Being upset for not being able to love myself and be happy.

Not trying so hard to please everyone.

I'll wish I would have followed my heart instead of my mind and gone with my passion.

I'll regret the time I passed up traveling.

Not just leaving a bad situation.

Maybe the words I was too scared to say before may just slip out of my mouth.

I'll be disappointed in myself for not taking care of myself like I should've.

I wish I would've taken the time to appreciate things more, even the little things.

Maybe I should've spent more time with my family.

Less time pushing people away.

More time letting people in.

Failing to finish what I started.

Not letting that sadness just roll out of my eyes.

And regretting not reading that book again.

Before my eyes grow old I need to change the stars.

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