Why are all conflicts similar?

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Picture Copyright:aimanhamidi2011.blogspot.com

Picture Copyright:aimanhamidi2011.blogspot.com

Damped by blood, we have been collecting unpleasant memories of both repulse and victory. People have been falling into dark shadows of fear, as well as overwhelming battles indicating the danger that world faces tomorrow. Lately, each newspaper has reserved a space on it for news about conflicts, all over the world. Thereupon each content is enclosed with specific words such as ‘killed’, ‘bombs’, ‘rubber bullets’, ‘clash’, ‘crime’, ‘violations’, ‘military’,’ refugees’ etc.

In fact, even if the place, time or origin almost always differ, each and every conflict that has happened in human history has one similarity. Additionally, the combat of Gaza isn’t disparate from post civil war violence in Libya. The hostility of the Syrian civil war and Islamist insurgency in Nigeria look alike. The belligerent attitude of Iraqi insurgency and the finished LTTE terrorism here (in Sri Lanka) are not contrasting situations. Why is that?

Of course, all ongoing and finished battles are about loss of humanity. All egregious violence demonstrate the similarity outwardly since the bloodshed is internal after the dropout of humanity as grasping mankind who regard money, power, possession more precious than anything else, battle against another as an enemy. Thus the world seems to have been plunged into hatred and distrust. If the cause of this disaster would be found through the observation, it would be possible to remove the cause and have peace.

Each person hopes advancement. If I wish for my progress, why should I be jealous of the rise of another man like myself?

When a nation illustrates its progression, why it is conducive to feel jealousy, distrust and cruelty for another nation and to seek a method of destroying the progressive nation. While dissatisfaction turns to frustration, it makes jealousy and cruelty, but, however, finally it ends with a disaster.

But does the victory or development what we achieve by having killed our own brothers and sisters bring a lasting happiness?

Further, we should not forget that we live is a world in which although lands, countries are isolated, all have human rights as well all love their own life. Since we are subject to death, with the death, do we carry everything that has been gained from savage or ruthless manner? Additionally, even though the life is short, we should determine to make it more useful without harming any other. Instead of playing massacring against another, let us share humanity.

Perhaps, political leaders or organizations make efforts on bringing peace by forceful procedure which prove the failure, by virtue of the method of ‘fight against fight’ that never gives a permanent remedy.

As Lord Buddha said, ‘Enmity is never appeased by returning enmity. It is only by amity that enmity is appeased. That is an eternal truth.” Surely, when the whole body is infected from disease, pasting plasters on exterior is insufficient to survive. Growing and fertilizing good human qualities would be a cure. Respect, love, kindness and tolerance predispose the world more beautiful. I believe in Pacifism.


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