Why are girls doing bad in science and mathematics?

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Girls and young women today are pretty familiar with computers and the Internet, and it may seem like they don't need encouragement anymore. But, to keep girls interested in science and mathematics, as well as believing they have something to contribute to areas like technology, hardware and software development, scientific research, and many other areas of technology, is still an important task. So I'm updating the site as much as possible right now. It will still seem a bit behind the times in places for a while, but as time permits, I'll get to it.

Teachers can find examples for using the Internet in their classrooms in Chapter 2, Teaching and the Internet: Girls and Computers in the Classroom. Parents can find out how other parents are making use of the Internet in Chapter 3, Parenting and the Internet: Girls and Computers at Home. Girls themselves can find some fun things to do and new friends to meet in Chapter 6, Girls Just Want to Have Fun. (Remember these people may be quite a bit older now! But that makes them mentors). I've removed some of their link pages and personal info, but the stories are pretty much the same as they were in 1996. There are also two other chapters, Chapter 4 on Internet Mentoring and Peer programs, and Chapter 5 on Worldwide organizations that are promoting technology programs to encourage girls in math and science.

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