Why did Michael Jackson change his skin colour?

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Why Michael Jackson changed his skin colour?

It has always been a mystery to me why Michael Jackson, King of Pop, changed his skin from black to white. Some people say it may have been due to a disease called vitilgo which cause white splotches on skin. But a lot of people suspect that it is due to one cause which exists even today: RACISM.

Michael Jackson, an American actor, businessman, dancer, producer, singer and philanthropist, was said to have surpassed even Elvis Presley’s achievements. But even a legend like him couldn’t escape the throes of racism.

In 1991, his song ‘Black or White’ was released. The lyrics of that song repeatedly assured his fans that it ‘don’t matter if you are black or white.’ But later, people believed the meaning to be that Jackson was planning to cross the racial boundary and many people wondered if the song title actually applied to Jackson himself.

MJ’s greatest achievement, perhaps, is that black people were finally being marketed to the mainstream in music; also, the notion that white people can’t listen to music from black people was erased once MJ released his first album.

Here are some of the racist attacks MJ experienced as a black man and how it affected his career and personal life:


also, some images of Micheal Jackson before and after surgery



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