Why is it important for children & youth to have a voice in business?

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Why is it important for children and youth to have a voice in business?

Any activity that brings money we can call business.

In last years this job entered in all spheres of activity, becoming one of the important branch of the economy. In this activity are involved people of different ages.

It is a source of new revenue, an opportunity of achievement, promotes new technologies, develops leadership skills, supports charitable organizations and foundations, forms, for example to support the environment and children's rights, etc…

If we started talking about children, then we could say that they are a very good support for creating or promoting a business. This is because young people today has become a major consumer of information that is always looking for something new, they assimilate information more quickly and implement in daily life .The imagination of children and young people is much broader, it does not make any restrictions on the creation, while the adults have some limitations that limit, because they have several problems and their thoughts are structured to provide time for personal life and service.

If we make a questionnaire in which we interviewed 10 young and 10 mature as a library should look to attract readers, then we see a big distinction in ideas. If youth ideas were taken into account, people in business could more effectively to promote their successful business.

In the process of creation, should be in collaboration, youth and mature, fully exposing their ideas , thoughts and views about project, they could create a prosperous business, youth with ingenious ideas how it should look, how the product or service to be offered to attract the buyer and adults with knowledge about the statistics and the steps necessarily quite in any business financing and support of new it.

In this activity youth voice should be heard, because the future prosperity of our business depends on them. They are the future consumers who will benefit from our business because they are the generation that follows and their ideas which also they would like to achieve or would like to see it when marketed certain product or service.

Olga, 21 years, Republic of Moldova, Borogani village

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