Why is it important for children & youth to have a voice in business?


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I was presenting a project in Data Cleaning and Data Publishing training in Nairobi, Kenya-East Africa

I was presenting a project in Data Cleaning and Data Publishing training in Nairobi, Kenya-East Africa

It is very important for children and youth to have a voice in business. Children and youth are the future of the world; to let them be involved in business is a crucial and important initiative. This stimulates their ideas in business, motivates them to love more business and grow rich at the small age without asking much from their parents once they become adults; here children & youth reach adult age already being financially independent to parents and parents help them to reach far in life without getting any time for abusing themselves or trying to know what they want in life lately even if it is never later.

Every new day people become older, shortly the nowadays adults (current business men/women) will become older and unable to work; it will be the time to play for the future adults which are nowadays children and youth. If the future adults have started to play in business during their childhood and youth time, it will be easier to continue once they will be given all responsibilities as they will not be new in the field. And this will be an amplification in the world global development. It will be great to play business earlier still innocent without accumulating the bad behaviors of the world. Maybe at this time the world will be better. I don’t know if there are some youth, children and adults that we share this point of view.

There are some people who started businesses in their childhood and youth time. Currently, there are performing greatly in their life because business has become their life- passion and easy to play. And also they are children and youth who are owners of companies and their families and relatives live from those companies.

Once children and youth become financial self dependent, they facilitate the parent’s responsibility of making a child into a great responsible adult able to face the life, to look for the society problems resolution than to be the society problem.

So adults, business owners hear the business voice of children and youth this will help you to reduce your charge in taking care of all their needs. Children and youth are active, able to work and being productive when you show them the way to follow and how to proceed. As they are still innocent, the adult's assistant is always needed never let them go and play business staff alone.

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