Why is it important for children & youth to have a voice in business

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Photo Credits Goes to the Youth to Business Forum By AISEC

Photo Credits Goes to the Youth to Business Forum By AISEC

The world population today is about 7.1 billion people, nearly 40 % of this population are under the age of 24,so mathematically about 3 billion of the world’s population are youth and children : isn’t that a sufficient number to give youth a voice in business ? Shouldn’t they be a part of this vital sector ?.… In my article I’ll try to explain the reasons why -I think- youth should have a voice in business, and why youth and children’s needs and rights should be the major concerns of companies and corporations.

One of the major reasons why companies should involve young people in business is youth’s ability to create : bill gates wrote his first software at the age of 13, mark zuckerberg created facebook when he was only 19… it is obvious that youths are more capable to create to bring innovative ideas and solutions. another reason why youth should be involved is their internet and computer science expertise : internet advertisement and online-selling has become a necessity for companies today that’s why having 21 century youths is important .Secondly to solve the problem of youth unemployment : close to 75 million youth were unemployed worldwide in 2012, and my country morocco is one of the MENA region countries that has the highest youth unemployment numbers in the world and one of the north African countries that has the highest unemployment rate in the world -27.9 %- with a 1.05 million unemployed youths with a percentage of 18 % of youths (15- 24) –in Morocco only –. Also to empower and encourage young people to work and innovate: More than 6 million youths have given up looking for a job those youths are in danger of feeling useless and alienated from society. so corporations and companies should take responsibility and start involving young people and helping them to fed in Thus ,recruiting young people would make these successful companies even more successful As examples : the TD-Bank is one of the top youth employers in Canada now it’s the second largest bank in Canada and the sixth largest bank in north Africa another example is from my home country morocco which is Web-help it is now the leading call center in morocco and in north Africa and Europe after the massive employment of more than 16500 young employees .

we can’t speak about young people without speaking about children there is more than 1.9 billion child living on this earth today and that’s a big number that companies should keep in consideration starting from providing them both comfort and safety : about 33 children die everyday from an unintentional injury and every year thousands of children die poisoned from accidentally swallowing harmful chemicals that’s why all companies should consider children’s safety in every product and in every ad by spreading awareness about children’s safety and working to develop their product safety… because today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders.

Khalid kajjaj

20 Years Old, Morocco

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