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Have you ever noticed that there are so many people preaching about how we need to take care of the environment. These people go on and on about how we need to protect it! However , nothing has changed if a million people wrote a million speeches about saving the environment nothing would change! Why? , Why? because these are words. They express how these people are feeling however words and emotions can only do so much! We need action and we need it now ! I know , that I am contradicting myself by typing up an article filled with words that has to do with the environment however I know that we have to do something. There are many little things we can do such as picking up that rubbish you see on the street, riding or walking to school/university, buying recycled paper. All of these things you have probably heard before but why has the situation not got any better? There are still bits of rubbish lying around, our atmosphere is still being polluted with carbon dioxide, methane etc. There is one reason , people know what they can do to help save the earth but they refuse to do so .They are caught up in there own world. Well I am here to tell you that you have to let reality kick in soon otherwise there will not be a world to be caught up in. This article was not telling you that we have to save the pworld it was not telling you the world was in danger it was reminding you that you can save the planet if you choose to. That it is your responsibility!

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