Why So Much Hunger And Poverty?

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Studies have shown that the world produces enough food to feed a population of about 10 billion people and yet, almost half of the world’s population lives on less than 2.50 dollars a day, while more than 1.3 billion people live in extreme poverty. This raises the question, why so much hunger and poverty?

Well, to answer that question let us first examine the quantity of the food we waste. Globally about a third (1.3 billion tones) of the food we produce goes to waste according to the reports of the Food Agriculture Organization FAO. And locally, Zambia produces enough food to feed its population yet, 54 percent of its population lives in hunger and poverty because a large fraction of the food produced goes to waste every year. An example is that of 2011 where about 150,000 tonnes of maize (staple food) were wasted due to lack of sufficient storage facilities. All this clearly shows that we need to work on our food management as a global community.

Another problem is the uneven distribution of food, resources and wealth among individuals. Why do I say so? Well, according to the Forbes magazine of 2017, the word’s billionaires collectively are worth about 7.7 trillion dollars. This large amount of money is owned by only a few individuals when it can be evenly distributed among many other people to empower them or support their business ventures.

From my observation, it is selfishness and the desire to have more that has contributed massively to hunger and poverty. This is because the rich buy more food than they really need which in turn, ends up getting wasted while about 22000 children die every single day due to poverty according to UNICEF.

Still, others may argue by saying that most people live in hunger and poverty because of laziness and lack of seriousness. They may be right but what about those children who are born with disabilities and cannot perform any work? Or the orphaned children who due to unforeseen circumstances did not go through school and end up living in the streets? Lets us think about it.

The earth in itself has enough resources to sustain all human life. What we need to do to eradicate hunger and poverty or at least reduce them is to show love for neighbor by sharing what we have, and to put other people’s needs before our own. We can also practice food preservation to prevent food from getting wasted and we can also teach life skills to those who are less educated so that they can earn a living by means of them.

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