Why Step Up for Disaster Risk Reduction?

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Today is the International Day of Disaster Risk Reduction. Voices of Youth and the UN tell yo why you should step up for disaster risk reduction.

... To let the world know that children and young people are partners in reducing disaster risk.

Children and young people can and should be involved in reducing risk to disasters. This includes getting organized to lobby for more investment in disaster risk reduction at the local and community level by governments and companies.

Their actions to reduce disaster risk need to be recognized, including how these actions link into national and community development such as achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

... To promote more partnerships with children and young people in disaster risk reduction

Governments, companies and communities need to systematically include children and young people's participation in their decision-making processes for building disaster resilient societies.

Policy makers should recognize that children and young people-led organizations and initiatives are a valuable resource and involve them in DRR efforts.

... To connect and build bridges and understanding among children and young people

Children and young people's networks and partnerships need to be encouraged across cultures.

Children and young people need to be empowered and supported as agents of social inclusion and safety.

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