Why?, the Papuan People ‘Demand’ Referendum

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Papuan people’s demands for self memisahkann of Homeland increasingly apparent. The question is, why the Papuans demanding separation, while the many special autonomy funds for Papua rolling each year. Autonomy is not the “free” people of Papua?

Papua Customary Council (DAP) and people of Papua on August 12, 2005, the Special Autonomy Law never return to the central government through the Parliament of Papua. They went as far as 12km from Abepura to Jayapura with the power of mass 10,000. They were disappointed, because the Special Autonomy Law does not benefit any member. A few years later tutuntan increasingly apparent that, even more radical, in which the institution is in the form of state also voiced. On June 28, 2010 and the mass of Papuan People’s Democratic Unity Forum (FORDEM) along the Papuan people to walk as far as 12 KM from Abepura to Jayapura, precisely in the regional parliament of Papua, Special Autonomy for failing to return them, and and choose the option referendum as the solution. What is one of the Special Autonomy Law? And why of Papuans asking for a referendum? Below I write.

Feeling No Part Of Homeland

Papua People feel they are not part of the Homeland. Many highly visible difference between them and non-Papuan people. It is also the most visible difference in terms of social and cultural rights of the Papuan people with non-Papuans. They are aware, the difference was not possible united with any other nation, including Indonesia. Starting from a different way of life they come to different living habits. Differences in skin color and hair is also a consideration. They felt that their race Melanesia which is very different from the Malay race. In addition, the Papuans also feel was never involved in development. The presence of the Special Autonomy Law was not actually provide opportunities for the Papuan people to develop themselves, but rather provide an opportunity kepara non-Papuan people to work. Surely the people of Papua would be worse off, and non-Papuan people who will progress and develop.

Unfair and discriminatory treated

Many government policies are unfair and discriminatory against the people of Papua. Government more concerned with economists from outside Papua from the Papuans themselves. Rather than economic concerns, some areas too. They feel very unfairly treated, and full-discriminatory. Though the Special Autonomy Law has been talking a lot about the system of local community empowerment. For example again, the policy of transmigration development menganaktirikan local residents. Needs of migrants who will occupy a place in sediakaan well sediakaan land as well, but what about the fate of the local population, whether the government pay attention to them as well? Government policy is more concerned with private investors and foreign capital also has a lot more often a problem. Though foreign investors are not so familiar with the nature, character and way of life of local communities. Never Enjoying the Natural Resources

Many foreign investors are attracted to invest in Papua. They know, that Papua is an area that has many natural resources. The central and local government supporting the effort. For example, PT Freeport Indonesia is one of the first multinational companies to invest in the earth Amungsa, Papua. They have been in operation since 1967, two years before the Act of Free Choice (Choice) was held. Means they’re almost 35 years in Papua. In addition to PT Freeport Indonesia, adalagi Briths Petroleum (BPT) gas mining companies in Bintuni Bay, Papua. Both become another icon of foreign companies in Papua. BTP is the same, have long been present in the earth’s paradise, but what benefits they provide to the question? Foreign companies in Papua are more concerned their business interests than to pay attention to the customary rights of local communities. Even the supposedly Amugme tribe was given the promise of all kinds by officials at PT Freeport Indonesis will operate at this time of life is sinking. Papuans do not enjoy the fruits of their own natural wealth.

Always Down with and Killed

The Papuans are always oppressed and murdered in the name of development on their land. Seizure of land between the government and private investors with the most common and claimed the lives of so many civilians. Piles of human rights violations since the integration of Papua into the Republic of Indonesia has not been resolved. For example, the case of Wamena and Wasior bloody killed so many were never resolved to date. Still in question, whether the perpetrators are immune to the law or even law are afraid to touch them? The murder of Theys Hiyo Eluay, traditional leaders as well as political leaders of Papua in 2001 has not been resolved to date. Papua People just need keadilaan of the government of Indonesia. Why did the chicken steal the tail can be in touch only by law, but the killers could not untouched by the law? Not Received Implementation Act of Free Choice Penentuaan of Free (Choice) Papua is an engineering done in the United States, Indonesia, the Netherlands and the United Nations. USA has an interest in economic terms, namely: to invest in the land of Papua. The question is, why PT Freepornt Indonesia are allowed to operate in Papua in 1967 when a new Choice will be conducted in 1969. So PT Freepornt present in Papua Indonesia two years before the integration of Papua into the Republic of Indonesia. Implementation of the Act of Free Choice is not democracy and violate international law because the people of Papua are not fully involved to determine their rights. At that time the Indonesian government chose 1025 people and some people from outside Papua to make choices. At that meraka is under threat and robbery Indonesian military. Dutch historian Prof. Drooglever in his book “Een Daad van Vrije Keuz: De Papoea westelijk’s van Nieuw-Guinea en de grenzen van het zelfbeschikkingsrecht” have expounded at length about the failure of the implementation of the Act of Free Choice in Papua is good and right. So far the Papuans have never approved the integration of Papua into the Republic of Indonesia.

Need to Open Up Government

Demands for secession will continue to look to the surface. Government of Indonesia should immediately fix themselves, so that these demands are not too far-reaching impact to the international world. Perhaps we still remember, how in 2005 by 37 members of Congress who wrote to the president of Indonesia concerning the request immediately release political prisoners in Papua second; both Filep Karma and Pakage Yusak. United States and the international world will actually respond to any issues in Papua. Eni Faleomavaega arrival to Indonesia and Papua, he said that support in the Papua Special Autonomy Law, but what if the people of Papua Special Autonomy was rejected and returned to the central government? What answer will the government give to members of the U.S. Congress or the international community regarding the failure of special autonomy in Papua? Willing umbrella before it rains it’s important. Governments need to open up and accept what the will of the people of Papua, before arriving at that time bomb.

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