Why We Should Pass This Health Bill

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Not only does today mark the beginning of my medical career, but 7 years ago also signifies yet another turning point in my health. The common fever, that is much talked about with a grain of salt, which has killed so many Nigerians under 5 years old and in other parts of the Sub Sahara Africa.

Today as I sat in a private paediatric clinic in the seat of the caliphate metropolis, I saw under-fives whose major presentations were fever, associated with catarrh, cough, diarrhoea and excessive weakness. The major diagnosis ranged from malaria, upper respiratory track infestation, to urinary track infection. I ruminated and remembered when fever was a major concern to my parent. I had chills and rigour only to know later that the former was just a symptom and the latter was a sign. They actually meant the same thing. The Emmanuel clinic along with the able hands of my medical mentor and father Dr Okunbolade and his vast Clinical acumen and experience helped not only me and my siblings, but numerous children who are worthy ambassadors in their various fields.

I owe my patients the best care in the world. Though there is little I can do in a larger society, I can only use this medium to appeal to the Senate Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to hasten in passing the National Health Bill to strengthen our Primary Health Care centres in the country so as to prevent so many fever-related deaths in the Country.


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