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As I go through my daily routines I occasionally check the news the news to see what's going on. Now, don't get the wrong idea. I love to educate myself on what's going on in this world whether it's the good stuff or the bad stuff. But, there's a reason I don't look at the news every day. The content seems to appear over and over again and it's escalating in terms of violence and just overall evil things.

Today, for instance, there was a shooting in Florida because a man would't put away his phone during the interviews of a movie. If that doesn't sound bad enough, then you'll be even more shocked when you find out the cause of this man's text: he was simply checking to make sure his younger daughter was okay while he and his wife her at the movies. There was also a 12 Year old who shot his two classmates in New Mexico today. Now, will that story make it on the news? Probably not. Why? Because people simply don't care about anybody but themselves. This will just be overlooked the U.S. who should be helping out the people from New Mexico who have no voice or freedom as opposed to sticking our noses in just about every other person's business. Now, if this was to happen in the U.S. it would make national news. Will this make the news tonight? Nope. It's sad how people think humans are so much more sophisticated and civilized but in the end, we're just as, if not, more evil than we've always been.

Now, don't think I'm a nutjob, but with all this crime and violence that seems to be escalating, I think the world is coming to an end. Perhaps not a physical end, but just earth ending as we know it. There are so many laws in place, yet people are constantly breaking them and our jails are only filling up. Now, what happens when something bad happens such as a famine or the threat of natural disasters? In this case, if you haven't noticed, people are only getting worse. When disaster strikes, I hope you don't think that people are still going to listen to the laws because they won't. Just think about it. People are doing evil and committing crime for not reason whatsoever and now you are starving or your family is starving. The things you are capable of doing when you need to survive…So I hope you're not blinded by the fact that people make the world seem so nice when in fact, it's only getting worse.

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