Winter Olympics: Unity, Peace, or Secession?

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The 2014 Winter Olympic Games are just around the corner and Sochi, population 350,000, is eagerly awaiting the arrival of thousands of athletes from around the world. Amidst terrorist bombings and threats nearby, on account of Chechnyan rebel groups, Sochi faces great security challenges arising in the form of space, land availability, warm climate and safety from terrorist coups. Chechnya is to Russia what Tibet and Basque are to China and Spain respectively. Essentially, they are factional regions and cultural groups which feel that they should be distinguished and independent from their mother countries. Secession is an issue which has arisen for nearly every developed power in the world. But how does it affect teens? Is it similar to the generational differences felt by adults and their kids? For example, look at the elder generation of Chinese adults who might have grown up in the era of the ‘Great Leap Forward’ or the ‘Cultural Revolution’, their children growing up as immigrants (first-generational) across the world, and their grand-children as citizens of a technological era. Do you see the differences in life, thought, and action? I would like to ask you, the intelligent and capable VOY public, to send in your thoughts about how secession would affect you? Do you live in one of these nations or another which would feel the effects of such movements? Do you live in a region of a country which would like to secede from its mother country? Do you believe that independence is a priceless entity and that every person of every region should be able to experience it?

Secondly, on the topic of the Winter Olympics, let us discuss the cultural unity that should come about because of this event. Ironic, isn’t it? Here we are, ready to unite ourselves wholeheartedly and put our differences aside so that we may live peacefully for a month or so in the name of culture and sport. Yet, we still see the strife and struggle of terrorism, bombings, war, instability, etc. infiltrating the peace of our customs. What do you think about this? How do you feel? Although I am not a huge fanatic of sports, I still feel that these Olympic Games should be venues and times for pure enjoyment and fun. For the athletes, this is their international platform for success, their moment to shine. For us, it is just a great opportunity to see the world come together. Rebel groups, if you’re listening, you might want to consider rescheduling.

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